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Responsive Websites with MINDBODY Integration

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What can you do with the LiveEdit platform?

A lot. We've built everything you need into a single, well-oiled content marketing machine. We did it so you can focus on your business. Or your life. Or both. Imagine that!


Beautiful, Responsive Designs

Create a no-hassle, mobile-ready website with MINDBODY business management software-to-site integration.


Integrated MINDBODY Content

Seamlessly display interactive MINDBODY client services: class lists, schedules, appointments, enrollments, and more.


Innovative Dashboard

Enjoy drag and drop content, email marketing, blogs, QR code generation, and more in one easy-to-manage location.

With Do-It-Yourself, Do-It-For-Me and Custom Website Design options, LiveEdit offers a solution for every business's needs.

Rebel Barber
Custom Design

Freestyle Fitness
Do-It-For-Me Website

Barre Body Studio
Custom Design

Riffs Studio
Do-It-For-Me Website

Bikram Yoga Glasgow
Custom Design

Deha Yoga
Do-It-For-Me Website

What can you expect from LiveEdit?



Digital Marketing

Put Your Marketing Muscle to Work
With The LiveEdit All-In-One Solution

Partner with us to create a design uniquely crafted for your business, convert your site, or tap into a rich library of mobile-ready templates. LiveEdit eliminates extra work by automatically building a mobile site using elements from your desktop site.




Customer Conveniences

Engage Customers With Real-Time Displays Of Your MINDBODY Services 

LiveEdit's MINDBODY interface allows your customers to sign up for classes, view schedules, make appointments, or sign waivers - at home or on-the-go with their smartphone or tablet – all without ever leaving your site! 



Easy-To-Use Interface

Get Dynamic Dashboard Control Of Your Website, Mobile, E-Blast, Blog Content

You want to be in control of your digital marketing content. You want it to be all in one place. And you want it to be easy. That's why we developed the LiveEdit platform. It gives you drag-and-drop content control - all in one location, and all in a search-engine friendly package.

Orangetheory Fitness

American Spirit Technology Group has partnered with Orangetheory to provide a custom website with MINDBODY Integration on the LiveEdit platform.